Latest Paint Trends 2022

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Latest Paint Trends 2022

Everything You Need to Know About The Latest Trends in Paint Colors [2022 experts views]

Yes, it’s true, we all are tired of the same old look and it is time to repaint our houses. A repaint is always a refreshing feeling, it’s almost as if we have moved into a brand-new home. What’s even better is that now we don’t need to spend a lot of time getting inspiration on home paint color ideas when we can so easily get recommendations from experts about the latest trends!

Here is a comprehensive list of 4 top best up-and-coming paint color trends in 2022 to help you select the best shade for your house interior.

  1. The grey color interior trends

What more to say when Sherwin William has announced Evergreen Fog as the color of the year 2022. Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin Williams said in a press statement, “Evergreen Fog is a sophisticated wash of color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade… inspires us to begin again and is a great choice for modern interiors and exteriors”.

Sherwin Williams has announced its favorite so we know it’s the trend for 2022 and we are all up for it. The calming and cool yet bold grey is not only versatile as it can be used for all rooms and spaces but also the perfect choice as a neutral all-in-one color. What’s more, is that it blends very well with all different furniture set-ups so we don’t need to worry about matching and combinations.

  1. The blue color interior trends

Well, we got to agree, that blue is our all-time best color for interior home paint. Even Pantone has selected a lively periwinkle blue shade with vivifying red undertone as the color for the year 2022. The constancy of blue and excitement of red, what a combination!

Blue has a happy-go-lucky vibe and adds a really warm impression to the house. Definitely consider the color blue for at least the living room in case you are going for a cheerful upgrade of your house.

  1. The green color interior trend

This year we are in for a natural color trend and green is our go-to. What with climate change being the recurrent news, sustainability is on everyone’s mind and we are all attracted to the quiet, calm, and strong vibe of green. ‘This is a wonderful color that works well all through the year and is ideal if you are trying to bring an element of nature or a heritage feel into a more contemporary city home,’ says Emma Sims-Hilditch, founder and creative director, Sims Hilditch. It’s nostalgic and stylish and we’re going for it. We recommend using olive green for study and living rooms.

  1. The pink color interior trend

The color expert and psychologist at Lick, Natasha Bradley predicts the pink family trend for 2022, “I predict a much softer palette, with more delicate tones coming in. The first color group Lick has pulled together is a ‘care and connect’ palette which features soft pinks, beiges, terracotta red”.

It’s been a tough time recently and we all need to relax; pink is the new white for us in 2022. Pink adds a soothing vibe and we’d all appreciate some calm. Also with pink, we need not worry about fancy furniture or extra home décor as it itself is a very flattering color. We recommend choosing soft pink for bedrooms as the new vibe for 2022.

Well now that you have complete information about the top best 2022 latest trends in paint colors for homes, we hope you are able to narrow down your choices. If you need further help in choosing paint colors, feel free to contact us for free color consultation with our experts who can advise you on the perfect color ideas taking into account your furniture set-up and personal preference.

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