Deck Painting vs Staining

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Deck Painting vs Staining

Find out all you need to know about deck painting vs staining

The deck is an extension of our homes. It is a nice place to sit under the sun and have some basic outdoor entertainment with friends and family. High-quality pressure-treated decks installed by a good company are made to resist moisture, fire, insects, and environmental hazards. Yet much like the interior of the house, it is essential to take care of proper cleaning and maintenance of the deck to make it last longer. There are two types of procedures for deck repair, deck staining and deck painting.

While both of these procedures help withstand damage to the decks, each has its pros and cons. Choosing which method to opt for comes down to having complete knowledge of both deck staining and deck painting and then making the right decision. Here is a brief comparison between the two methods to help you decide which deck repair method should you choose.

  • Budget-Friendly – Deck Staining: Deck staining is mostly more affordable than painting with the average cost being 20$ to $35 per gallon compared to deck painting $30 to $60.
  • Natural Wood Grain Texture – Deck Staining: Staining gives a more natural look as it highlights the wood texture which is aesthetically pleasing to many. Painting, on the other hand, covers the deck surface entirely.
  • Variety and Custom Options – Deck painting: Deck painting covers the deck with a complete film of paint which means you can opt for different color and design options.
  • Easier and Time-Saving Process – Deck Staining: Deck staining takes a lot less time than painting. If you are looking for some quick maintenance, go for deck staining. Deck staining can take a day at max and deck painting can take 2-3 days.
  • Durability – Deck painting: Deck painting does a better job at filling cracks and thus has better coverage and lasts longer than deck staining.
  • Maintenance ease – Deck painting: Deck staining is a short-term procedure requiring you to re-stain once every 3 to 4 months. Deck paint can last a year or more.

It all comes down to your deck needs. In short, we recommend deck painting for permanent repair and maintenance and deck staining as a temporary and budget-friendly option. In case you need further help in deciding which is the best option for your deck, please feel free to call/email us to seek guidance from professionals in our team.

If you are looking to hire highly skilled experts in your area for deck repair and preparation services, book an appointment with us to immediately get in touch with our team.

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